Our products are manufactured in the south of Brazil, in Nova Hamburgo - RS. A region is known for its know-how and quality footwear production.

Indeed, the making of handmade shoes is a process that involves culture, art, sentiment, and technical excellence. The footwear tradition of Vale dos Sinos began in 1824.


The soles of our shoes are made with 50% natural rubber, extracted from rubber trees. The raw material has zero CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and provides resilience, elasticity, and comfort; 50% recycled rubber, from the reuse of materials that would take years to decompose in nature and, once transformed, add strength and durability!


Three materials are used at the top: fabrics produced from recycled raw material, which reduces the disposal of waste as scraps from the clothing industry; organic cotton, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, which gives a low environmental impact and preserves the rhythm of nature; and, finally, genuine leather, whose forms of production are being rethought, prioritizing biodegradable substances.


The insole that provides all your walking comfort is responsible for saving the environment bit by bit, every day.They are made with green EVA from sugar cane, raw material from a renewable source, which reduces the emission of gases that cause the greenhouse effect.

All workers have social insurance and work from 8 am to 5 pm, with a 1-hour lunch break.

Our factory is small, with about 20-25 people working a day, making 60 to 70 pairs of shoes a day.

An external audit company also controls and checks our processes and security annually to meet our work requirements and our sustainable business approach.