Twins for Peace was originally founded in Paris in 2009 by the twin brothers Maxime and Alexandre Mussard and their best friend, Louis-Félix de Fenoyl. The idea came after a soccer game with local children in Madagascar. In one of the games, one of the boys injured his foot. Maxime offered him his shoes. The boy was so happy that he went to the place every day that Max Mussard stayed and gave him gifts like coconuts and books. Even after he returned to France, Max was still puzzled as to how giving a child a pair of sneakers could be something that would give him so much happiness and gratitude.

That's how we put our philanthropic message into practice: "Be COOL. Be GOOD."  "Be COOL" is about being a good human being, about being generous. The "Be GOOD" is because, for each pair of shoes purchased, we donate one to a child who needs it. These shoes are produced locally and in a sustainable manner. We have already been to Colombia, Mozambique, Cameroon, India, Mali, and Brazil.

Twins for Peace is part of the NVH Studios group, a global brand synonymous with quality in footwear production with social and environmental awareness. The group's vision reinforces the purpose of promoting Twins for Peace's progress to invest in countries affected by poverty by building lasting and consistent projects.

The shoes are designed to be timeless, simple, and elegant. The pairs are made 100% in Brazil, in the Vale dos Sinos region. This region has footwear production as part of its culture, with a complete production chain and qualified labor. The production part is done by an experienced and trained team, guaranteeing a high-quality standard in the process.

Nowadays, in addition to its social commitment, the brand is looking for recyclable and ecological materials to create footwear and packaging, aiming at more outstanding care for the environment.